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Graphic Designer & Web Developer
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E-Strands is a Digital Design Agency specialising in web design and branding. I worked as a freelance graphic designer and developer on a variety of projects.

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Shaw Lifting

Teeside-based Shaw Lifting wanted bold designs which conveyed the sheer scale of their operations as well as the range and variety of their product list. I conveyed this scale through large imagery and image composites, the strength of their wire ropes and shackles literally hold the pages together, whilst neatly scattered product images juxtapose with vast industrial lifting equipment.


The Yorkshire Gelato Company

This project was a delight to work on - and not just because of the free samples! The desserts were eye-catching enough to do most of the hard work whilst subtle swirls and stronger waffle borders frame the page. And of course, for the website, some powerful local photography, associating nature at her most beautiful with melt-in-your-mouth delights.


Proteina Gelato

A great tasting gelato made in Yorkshire to a special Italian recipe, providing all the vitamins, minerals and protein to keep you going, without compromising on taste!

These vibrant, protein-fuelled ice cream tubs tease their Italian origins in the colours of their logo, itself half letter, half scooped gelato. Whilst the parent company, The Yorkshire Gelato Company, is traditional in its design and tastes, Proteina is modern and energetic and this comes across in these vibrant, minimalist designs.