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This blog has been a long time coming. That it finally sees the light of day is a combination of many factors in my life, but especially a final reckoning with my arch nemesis self-consciousness.

As the new year ushers in a fresh decade, I begin a new chapter in my life. Previously I was a student in search of identity, then a wanderer fashioning my roles as designer, adventurer, developer, lover, pilgrim, artist, carer, mentor and, hardest of all, writer. In this time, I have been shaken by depression, suffocated by anxiety, yet I have known too the ecstasy of being one with music or nature or the sheer adrenaline rush of putting words onto the page. Today these facets make up me and they are the subjects I aim to explore further here in this blog. By writing about these subjects, I hope to inspire and encourage others, and to nurture dialogues through which we may find our way in a complicated world.